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Not so long ago, all those who did not live in the US or in Great Britain had a hard time locating research material. One had to go abroad to have access to the primary documents kept in libraries or archive repositories.

Going abroad was not too difficult when it meant crossing the Channel. But crossing the Atlantic was another matter. It required some spare time, and a reasonable amont of money. When I was a student, an airplane ticket to New York or Los Angeles was out of reach (I do not mean that it is cheap to-day, but many people can afford it, including college students).

Then came the Internet. A tremendous amount of primary documents was suddenly made available to the public. Government Agencies, educational institutions, assocations and individuals are currently contributing to the building ot the World Memory. Searching the Web is not like finding a needle in a haystack. With appropriate tools, you will find hundreds of needles, the problem being that most of the needles will have no eye ... The Internet is the mirror of our world : jewels and filth, useful tools and gadgets. There are good search engines, and great portals indeed, though few are exclusively dedicated to the location of primary documents. Even the best search engines are not able to isolate source documents from secundary sources.

Those pages are designed for scholars, college students and self-educated alike, as far as they have an interrest in the history and civilization of English-speaking countries. I maintain somewhat similar pages on the web site of Cercles. Being an academic journal, sponsored by the university of Rouen, Cercles is restricted to subjects in relation with the cursus. UK-US is more entertaining, but perhaps a little bit slower (there are no images or logos on Cercles, only html, so that pages dowload instantly). I hope you will find a little help and perhaps some fun on UK-US. Needless to say, this site is privately owned, non-profit, and free from advertising.

There are a few things you will never find on these pages, because I don't like them, and for no other reason.

Except during the summer vacations, and on some very rare occasions such as Christmas, UK-US is updated on a daily basis. Everyday, you'll find a new link, a new picture or perhaps a new document. So come again and visit frequently.

Though UK-US is not entirely dedicated to the history of WWII, yo will find many pages about the air war. Three years ago, as II was writing an article about the construction of Hawker Hurricanes in Canada, I came to know people who were able to bring me information on the subject, and I began corresponding with WWII veterans of the RAF and US Air Force. Some of them had already written stories or planned to do so. This is how it all started. UK-US is now partly dedicated to the publishing of first-hand accounts of WWII veterans. So, gentlemen, I am looking forward to hearing from you...

By the way, I do my best to help my english-speaking readers, but English not being my native language, I do make mistakes. Feel free to send me remarks and suggest corrections when needed.

Most of the photographs are my own. Since the photos displayed on those pages are low-resolution compressed images, any use is permitted (dowloading, web publishing, printing etc.). High resolution images (scanned at 300 or 400 dpi.) may be obtained as tif. files on special request.

You will not find Hit counters on those pages. I have decided to give you free access to Uk-Us detailed statistics, directly from the server, so that you may build your own opinion.

Philippe Rouyer,Ph.D

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