The Bombing of Sotteville Marshalling Yard 1

April 19, 1944

The following pages derive from a research carried by Daniel Rose

The Marshalling Yard of Sotteville near Rouen was a major target, as part of the preparation of D Day. The RAF mission to Sotteville did not meet expectations. The marshalling yards were only partially damaged but 561 french civilians were killed.

It has been said that the target indicators had been diverted by heavy winds. This is not true : on April 18-19, the weather was fair, and wind velocity was acknowledged as negligible by the RAF. 1524 tons of bombs were dropped on the area, unfortunately mostly on the neighbourhood.

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Part of the marshalling yards is covered by clouds (dark areas). Some ot the railroad tracks have been left intact. North of the Yards, houses have been seriously damaged.

The close-up shows the Sotteville urban area : 1800 houses were destroyed.

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